In a typical day I manage teams at and engage with customers, plus industry – to intro my company’s blockchain sensor services to solar and finance industries.

I work with my peers and crypto technologies to improve transparency, trust and to cut-through traditional finance methods to help democratise access and ownership of solar and to create new digital marketplaces. Most evenings I have calls with our offshore customers on their projects that could use our technology in their developing and growing economies.

I’m worried that our industry will suffer from a reputational risk that no one can talk about. Australia has the best property rights laws in the world. Using crypto, innovators like us can really take advantage of a new digital asset paradigm that globally anyone can use to hold and host financial services.

But because Australia has very light weight personal privacy and no official “Bill of Rights” doctrine, surveillance agencies can abuse your privacy. Moreover, now with the overreaching laws of the TOLA and AAbill, the government can inject a targeted backdoor to crypto software and intercept and tweak various token crypto services and trust models.

Evidence of this capability cannot be shown in public because of the secrecy around these provisions. We are gagged. Governments can tamper with digital marketplaces, interject weaknesses into our customer’s infrastructure, and covertly monitor our customers.

My company cannot knowingly export our services from Australia with this known (and unknown set of capabilities) as a hidden risk. This is a risk that’s invisibly injected locally into our product suite and our customer’s smartgrid infrastructures. We will have to forego onboarding foreign capital into Australia and develop our core teams offshore. Australian jobs have already been lost.

Personally, I’m making plans to move already. I believe I will have to leave Australia to effectively practice and showcase my systems & crypto engineering skills.

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